Categorisation of Minifig headwear

Categorisation of Minifig headwear
There are some anomalies in the way that Minifig headwear has been categorised (Minifig vs. Minifig Accessory) current official library. There are examples of hats and hair in both categories.

I'd prefer that 'Minifig Accessory' be restricted to hand-held parts. I propose to introduce new CATEGORY values:
Minifig Headwear : Hair and hats
Minifig Neckwear : parts like Epaulettes, Neckscarves, capes
and possibly
Minifig Waistwear : fabric skirts as seen in the Collectable Minifigs
Minifig Footwear : Flippers, Ice Skates

Does anyone see a problem with this or have a better idea?
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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