Missing: compact description what to download

Missing: compact description what to download
I just looked at the new ldraw.org site and put myself into the position of a new visitor.
I missed a compact and small page which describes how and what to download.
This still is too unclear IMHO.
The thing that adds to the confusion here is that the main menu for downloading directly jumps
to the download pages where you already can get things.
IMHO, the first entry in that menu should be a link to a page _explaining_ how and what to download,
in a very simple and compact form.
For example, the main question that I think currently remains unclear is to a new user whether
he has to download _all_ updates and apply them one after another, or just the most recent one.
And if the latter, to what he would apply it to.

The page could be very simple and compact, for example like this:

For downloading, you have these options:

Using the all-in-one-installer. This will give you all most-frequently-used applications,
plus all officially released parts. Later, you'll be applying parts updates incrementally to this.
The most recent parts update contained in it currently is 2012-XX.

Download the programs individually, plus the parts library.
For the parts library, you need do download all officially released files here (link).
This will give you all officially released parts up to and including update 2012-XX.
After that, you'll be incrementally applying parts updates to that.
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