LDPatternCreator - Bug-Fix Release 1.3.8

LDPatternCreator - Bug-Fix Release 1.3.8

Here is the new, (hopefully) bug-free LPC 1.3.8 Wink

Please uninstall older versions of this software before installing a new version.
Your configuration won't be deleted if you have already version greater than 1.3.1 installed on your machine.

Change log:

New features:
  • The background image is stored in the LPC-file. It will be synchronised with your local image file. The image will be exported to the same directory of the LPC file, if the original image (with an identical path and filename) is not located on your harddisk. This will be done only once and as a result, the LPC file will refer to the exported image.
  • LPC is since version 1.3.6 full backwards and forwards compatible. That means, that you'll be able to open files from 1.3.7+ with version 1.3.6, too.
  • Minor improvements for LDraw subpart handling
Fixed Bugs from 1.3.X:
  • The background image is not shown after loading a file
  • The DAT-export creates wrong matrices for subfiles.
  • "Delete"/​"Cut" does not delete the metadata of subfiles and groups (leads to a crash on export and metadata edit).
  • "Ungroup" does not delete the metadata of subfiles and groups (leads to a crash on export and metadata edit).
  • Undo/​redo could cause indirectly a crash+bad data when using groups/​primitives.
  • The "Unsaved Changes" warning still appears after the file was saved.
  • There is a memory leak in the LPC file loader.
  • There are issues on the first start of the application in the "Advanced Options" menu.
  • LPC stops at reading a *.lpc file. As a result, the vertices are displayed only.

(see full list of tickets for 1.3.8)

I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt

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