"normal" vs. "Mursten" vs. "Minitalia"

Re: "normal" vs. "Mursten" vs. "Minitalia"
Steffen Wrote:Sorry, Joshua, we should have updated the thread here.
A decision on this already has happened on the PT.
We use u....dat number for all parts of which we do not know the official part number,
this includes Minitalia
, Mursten:
, and early mouldings of parts with a different underside:

The renumbering has happened already for all except Mursten.

It's the same thing, the 'm' just would have segregated the parts better (and helped with the issue of how the parts might be differentiated).

I'm pretty experienced at this (the "c" syntax was something I helped drive to compromise), but I don't always "win," so it's all fine. Smile
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