LDPatternCreator - Release 1.3.2

LDPatternCreator - Release 1.3.2

Here is the new and fast LPC 1.3.2.
I do not recommend to continue using the previous version 1.3.1 due to the massive performance and stability improvements I have included in this release.

Please uninstall older versions of this software before installing a new version.

New features:
  • You can save with one click on the toolbar floppy icon.
  • You can merge a vertex to a triangle/template border (with the new functions in the “Merge/Split..” menu).
  • You can deactivate the triangle overlap detection when it's active (just click on the menu entry again).
  • You can keep your Config.cfg file (this file stores all your settings) after you have uninstalled the LPC and use it for future versions of this program.
  • The "very fast triangulation" will prevent the generation of malformed triangles.
  • The DAT import will now recognize deprecated ring#.dat/ring##.dat primitives.
  • Post progressing will be done with Rectifier 1.8
  • The drawing performance is improved and overall performance was improved. The “Performance Mode” should be superfluous.

From now on the undo/redo history will be cleared if you start a new pattern.

Fixed Bugs from 1.3.1:
  • Several language translation bugs
  • Filled triangles disappear when all vertices aren't placed in the viewport
  • "CSG rotate" does not update the internal data structure
  • Fatal undo/redo errors
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