disk space of part images on peeron.com vs ldraw.org

disk space of part images on peeron.com vs ldraw.org
(coming back from http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...92#pid3992
and from BlueBrick software which needs a unique URL of rendered images of official partsSmile

I just noticed that we might be wasting disk space on our peeron.com / ldraw.org server unnecessarily:

We seem to currently host all images duplicatedly, compare these:


I think that for rendered images, just 1 instance should be sufficient.
That instance should be a ldraw.org address,
as that is the official part source, and so should be for their images.

I think peeron.com could drop their own renderings then.

Is there somewhere documentation on where official images are located?
For example, are there other renderings available, different than 100 pixels wide?

It also appears to me that the recent out of disk space problems
were caused by the renderings of the new part files:
You can check that by seeing that an image
exists and has been created on the server, but another one
is missing.

I also feel the color 16 renderings

It appears to me that the image generation has been halted somewhere inmidst the generation
of images for update 2012-01.

For efficiency, I suggest to put all the images to a separate server, e.g.
, thus, other pages downloading these will not impact the performance of the parts tracker negatively.

Also, the generation of these images should be done on a different machine
and simply be uploaded to the server, instead of generating them directly on the server.

To sum this up:
(1) shall we get of the duplicates?
(2) can the images for 2012-01 be completed, please?
(3) what's the official URL for them?
(4) shall we move the images to a different server?
(5) shall the image generation process be put onto a different machine than the web server for them?
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