Insurmountable error popping up in LPub

Re: Insurmountable error popping up in LPub
I'm liking this new paired LPub/LDView incarnation quite a bit and will make extensive use of it, but I'm sorry to see the loss of the part-by-part renderings of the BOM.

Happily, I've discovered a serviceable though slightly clumsy workaround; I can use the settings exported to POV-Ray to do manual renderings of the elements that have been giving me trouble. Specifically, it seems that the older version of LPub doesn't handle the POV-Ray torus object and instead simply omits it. As a result, all kinds of elements show up with odd gaps and openings.

Took me a while to realize what was going on, but now that I know what's up I can work around it.

I've learned quite a bit through this discussion and the experimentations that it's inspired. Thanks for the info!
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