LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?

LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
Hello Smile
As I'm new to this topic, i hope my questions aren't that stupid or obvious, but i did not find anything so far.
I used LDD to create a Model of my NXT device and now want it to open wit LDView and MLCad. I used the export function of LDD and opened it with LDView. As soon as I did that he started downloading parts ("trying do download part xy....") and rendered it almost perfect, with only one part missing.
But as I started MLCad he show some errors of missing parts, and some of the main parts where missing in the model (such as motor and sensors). I already used the "Search new Parts" button and tried to search the missing part files via windows search, no results.
No I'm wondering where and how LDview saves the Parts it has downloaded beforehand, they are oviously saved because it doesnt download them again when I open the next time. I know there is the unofficial parts list but im just confused by this behaviour and dont want to bring in files i obviously already have Smile
Anyone got an idea?
Thanks in Advance
Julian Schneider
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