Sticker Standard Questions

Sticker Standard Questions
I just made the detail geometry for my first sticker, and was considering uploading once I wrap up the loose ends.
Before I do, I have some questions that the standard didn't answer, and after looking at some certified stickers was uncertain if these considerations would cause rework, or if it didn't matter. I searched for "sticker" on the forum, and didn't see these asked by a quick scan at the topics, so I apologize if this is old news.

I've attached my almost-done sticker in context with a brick. Yes the origin and header are wrong. As I said, it's almost done.

file name - set number or sheet number? The standard says sheet's SKU number, but I see certified files having used set numbers. Is the set's number for where the sheet's SKU is unknown? And which is the SKU number? Looking at 10221's sheet, there's 22637 in one corner and 10010521/6005049 with the copyright statement in another. I'm leaning toward 6005049 based on 4622303a.dat.

file name - If I intend to create more from the same sheet, can I name them out of order so that the final sequence makes sense (as called for in the instructions)? Or should the first uploaded be 'a' and so on. Alternately, should I upload 'needs work' placeholders for the ones in the sequence I want to use.

round corners - yes or no? Most stickers have a 2 LDU radius rounded corner, didn't see any on the files I looked at. Extra geometry to render, but I wanted to consider close-up rendering.

edge lines - yes or no? The files I looked at didn't seem to have them. I used edged primitives for the sides,
as I think edges add detail if when ambient lighting or flat shading is used.

inset - yes or no? I've noticed that most of the stickers I've looked at are inset at about 2 LDU from the edge of the element face. Is the sticker to be modeled to the edge of it's target element, or to the edge of the sticker considering the inset?

geometry and obvious color offset problems - looking at repeats of the same sticker for 10221 (and the shield for 10214), should the model correct for blatant printing issues where the ink is not where it should be, or leave out where it bled into a neighboring space that might not have been masked well?

sub-parts - I'm still not sure where the line between file size and number of files is. 10221 has three stickers that vary only by the color of some of the details, and two that have slightly different detail. I'd prefer to sub-part everything but the varied details, but not sure if the CPU cost of loading another file and applying the transformation is worth the smaller memory footprint. Additionally a couple can be mirrored (the doors), or used some mirrored geometry (the windows).

I was also considering a primitive for certain common sticker sizes (1 x 2 tile face), that is if rounded corners can be used. For 10221, I created a couple of seed files for the back and sides, but would prefer to use a sub-file rather than repeat the geometry. If rounded corners are prohibited, then the 'box' will suffice.

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