LEGO Themes in OMR files

LEGO Themes in OMR files
Hi folks,

I've got a request from Mike Heidemann in regard of the:

0 !THEME Theme name

command in OMR files. We discussed how detailed and how "deep" we should go in the hierarchy of LEGO themes. We have therefore downloaded BL's theme list you'll find at the LDraw wiki:

Look at the list it seems reasonable to use two levels - kind of:

Adventurers / Desert
Adventurers / Dino Island
Adventurers / Jungle

but not three:

Town / Classic Town / Airport
Town / Classic Town / Building
Town / Classic Town / Cargo

for most themes, while some could stand just with the main theme such as:

Universal Building Set

However sometimes things go wired when you have:

Town / City / Police
Town / Classic Town / Police
Town / Police
Town / World City / Police

We would like to invite the community to come up with some general rules which could be used to cut town the current list.

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