!KEYWORDS question

!KEYWORDS question
A minor thing that I've always been curious about:

Keywords are not allowed to contain words or phrases from the part or model description. So for the model of "Benny's Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship!!!" you could not have a keyword of "Benny" or "spaceship". Easy.

But what about the model for "Tokyo" (the Architecture skyline set) which includes the Tokyo Tower? Can the entire phrase "Tokyo Tower" appear as a keyword, or does it have to be just "Tower" since "Tokyo" already appears in the description? By itself, "Tower" might be too generic to be useful.

My feeling is that it's fine to just apply that weaselly concept of "common sense", but it's worth asking as some LDraw tools may need to distinguish the rule when evaluating file headers.

A suggestion would be to clarify that a !KEYWORDS term—a complete word or phrase—is not allowed if the same word or phrase appears exactly in the file description.
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