Collada export with wrong axes

Collada export with wrong axes
I was trying to create a custom sloped brickĀ in Studio, and I wanted to get a Collada mesh so I could render it properly with the bumpy slope texture. I used Studio's own Collada exporter, but as you can see I got some wrong results.
On the left is a normal slope brick; on the right is my custom subpart. You can see that it's Z-up rather than Y-up, so I guess the export is set for Blender, and it may also be inside-out. The sloped surface itself is oriented correctly because it's the same one Studio uses; only the subpart is different.

There are export settings for both winding and handedness that I could mess with, but I wonder if there's a quick way to just swap the axes? Or a better way to get the Collada mesh of an LDraw part than going through Studio?
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