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RE: Stickers from 6000 - LEGO Idea Book
(2022-11-21, 10:13)Willy Tschager Wrote: Shall we number them sNNa.dat ... aNNBU.dat or sNN ... sNN?

The part number spec say
sN, sNN or sNNN,  sNNNN       Sticker of unknown LEGO number

In the library we already have:

s12d.dat, from the same set.




It looks like you have already made s14e.dat, from that set book 6000.  But s14a.dat isn't.
Maybe you should pick a new number and then we could move s14e or even obsolete it?

I think you should use sNNX (where X is a-z and then aa, ab, ac, ) like we do on stickers with a known sheetnumber.
I think the next number to use is 22.
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