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(2022-03-11, 19:00)Roland Melkert Wrote: Ik you add some automatic 'scan' rotations you could generate a hollow version of the loaded model whcih you could export to a ldr for display purposes only.

Yes, exactly this feature was the main intention of the development after reading the threads by kevlamar.  Smile The initial plan was to have scripted camera positions or to identify relevant camera-positions based on a collision detection (answering "where can someone place a camera without hitting a brick"). But I think my filter will not solve kevlamar's problem as I assume even 80% reduction will not be enough.

At the moment I'm just playing around to get a feeling which models can have which triangle reduction rate - and there are some floating point issues waiting to be resolved for line vertex matching. For example 2x2 round tiles 4150.dat and 14769.dat have lines at the upper edges, but due to floating point rounding differences my algorithm fails to match the vertices of the line against the vertices of the triangles...
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