OMR and multi-set official models

RE: OMR and multi-set official models
(2022-02-28, 17:08)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I propose using + as a concatenation indication for set number and set name. In the case of main set + accessory, use main set # and name first. For similar set, use lower set number set first.
I don't know of 3 or more set combos, but that would work too - at the cost of very long name.

- I agree with this proposal: split it in two lines, first line go to the numbers of sets and the second lines go to the names:
example first line:
  • individual number as always, set #1, set #2, etc
  • combo numbers (two or more numbers): [set #1+set#2+...+set#n], with or without the bracket
example second line:
  • individual names¬†as always
  • combo names (two or more names): primary name (-/+) secondary name (-/+), etc. The (-/+) it is for choose one: or minus sign or plus sign.

All of this is intended to update the MPDCenter software. I don't know how could affect the OMR spec's.

Philippe my last name is without the "i": Orquera; but don't worry it's ok, I'm not mad with you.
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