Primitive or Subpart

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RE: Primitive or Subpart
In my opinion the important thing is that the logos are easily available in order to be included in the part that is being realized.

Whether they are a primitive or a subpart can be secondary if at least they have a similar name structure (we make them all start with logo and brand name), so that with a simple alphabetical check of the list I already know that the logo is available or not.

Perhaps we should also ask ourselves what to consider logo. The real brands with which Lego collaborates, but also the fictitious brands created by Lego or the product lines symbols (Space, City, Friends).

As for the logos broken or not, it depends on the individual author.
For outerboxes that only serve to give the logo a more regular shape (see the Ford logo) or for logos with high symmetry (see the Audi logo), it is for me right to make only a part of it and then replicate it.
Obviously it does not make sense instead to make logos with cuts because in a part you need cut. In that case you will copy the logo and use it modified, using it as a subpart of the part you are making. Maybe if the logo doesn't exist yet, make an uncut version for possible future use and then take advantage of a cut copy.
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