Help required using LDCad

RE: Help required using LDCad
(2021-12-16, 15:48)N. W. Perry Wrote: Do you mean adding new or missing parts to build with in LDCad? The program will search for parts in any of the locations listed under Prefs->LDraw->Search (library) paths. You can add new parts to any folder you like, and then add that folder to this list (if it's not already there) as an "unofficial library". Just be sure it has the necessary subfolders of p\ and parts\ and that any required subparts are placed in parts\s\.

Hi, yes I am trying to find various parts, for example the half round barrels of the new cement mixer truck and the 1 x 2 x 3 technic panels on the Mclaren senna. There are more that I have come across, so I need help very dumbed down so I can follow it!!
Thank you very much for all your help and any further help you may give me?
Regards Martin. Smile
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