Help required using LDCad

RE: Help required using LDCad
(2021-11-20, 18:10)N. W. Perry Wrote: Yep. I've extracted your images here for others to see.

Looks like your part bin and color bin became undocked (easy to do by accident) and are now separate windows floating above the workspace.

You can dock these windows again by holding CTRL while you move them around by the gray bar at the top. They will jump around a bit while you look for the exact spot to let go; just keep moving them around until you get them in approximately the right place. (You can adjust the size later by dragging the edges of the docked panels around.)

To prevent this in the future, you can go the menu Prefs->GUI->Lock docked windows and set that to "yes".

Thank you very much for your help. IT WORKED!! and yes they are now locked in. Smile
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