Help required using LDCad

Help required using LDCad
Hi everyone I hope you are all well!
I am relatively new to LDCad and have come across something which is driving me crazy!!!!! It is with regard to the screen layout. when I first started using the program there is a blue, red and green colored graph in the bottom left of the screen and when you hover the mouse over it it gets larger and a box appears around it. But this graph was far enough away from the left hand edge of the screen so that the part selector box ran to the bottom. The graph on my screen has gone right into the bottom left hand corner of the screen which means the part selector box is in front of it I can reduce the size of the part selector box so the graph is visible but that means it is not big enough!
I have tried all ways to bring the graph out to its original position but can't get it to move. Can anyone tell me if and how it can be moved??
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