Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView

RE: Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView
(2021-09-24, 19:30)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Windows does not allow you to write to Program Files. You are trying to get LDView to create spaceman-head.png inside the LDView directory in Program Files. It looks like you don't have LDView 4.4 installed, since that should include LDView.com in that directory. (The timestamp on LDView64.exe confirms that it is not 4.4.)

If you install LDView 4.4, you can run LDView.com instead of LDView64.exe, and it will show you errors. (Since LDView64.exe is a graphical application, it is not possible for it to output text to the Windows command line. LDView.com is a wrapper introduced in LDView 4.4 that runs LDView64.exe while seeing to it that errors get printed.) I believe that it would have told you that it was unable to create spaceman-head.png in this case.

If you run "C:\Program Files\LDView\LDView64.exe" "C:\Program Files\LDView\spaceman-head.ldr" -SaveSnapshot=spaceman-head.png from your user directory, it should succeed.

Oh, I see. Apparently an even easier way of getting through this is running CMD with administrative permissions (Start+R [run dialogue], type CMD, and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter).
And now I see what you mean when you say the antialiasing function isn't working properly. I guess I could try to retrace the edge lines over the exported image using a graphics editing program (e.g. Inkscape.) At least now I can make them large enough to make the job easier.
A thousand thanks for all your help. I'm really enthusiast to have found out that LDView was controllable via the command prompt using LDView.com (I've now installed version 4.4.)

G.D. Grant
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