LDraw terminology for part anatomy

RE: LDraw terminology for part anatomy
(2021-09-13, 5:36)tom alphin Wrote: "Understud" is a pretty awkward name, but I'm definitely adding it to my glossary of "potential" names for that feature.  "Underbar" would reinforce that it is about 2LU wide (like a Bar element), but that's not a real word either.

maybe even something as simple as "spacer" would be better?

If the idea is to refer to connections and function (and it sounds like it is), I don't think comparison to a bar is quite appropriate. Yes, the understud can fit into a hollow stud, but to me a "bar" also suggests the ability to receive a clip, and typically also some amount of room to slide.

One name I forgot about that's often used for this underside feature is "post". That goes well with the equivalently-functioning "tube", and also fits the ability to be inserted into a hollow stud. And the common feature of tubes and posts is, of course, to provide clutch by gripping the spaces between studs, while secondarily allowing an offset construction by inserting a stud into a tube, or a post into a stud.
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