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RE: Rubber band templates question
(2021-09-10, 15:40)N. W. Perry Wrote: For band/belt templates in LDCad, the radius of a point is measured to the center of the path. I thought it would be handy to offset the path skin so that its inner edge follow the radius (i.e., the radius of the point is the same as the part it goes around).

I thought adjusting the alignment parameter was the way to do this, but it didn't work. It just breaks the path into segments with wide gaps (and they aren't noticeably offset from center).

Is there a simple way to adjust the template to do this? Or would I have to create a donor part with the origin shifted (and would that even work)?

The alignment parameter acts only on the y axis (path direction).

Offsetting the donor would work but you must set the donor center to "Part origin" or it will correct for it automatically.

I could add a "Outer border" option to the donor center option list, to you do this without changing the donor.
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