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(2021-09-14, 12:36)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Hi Johann,

Did you hear back from Trevor?
It seems there is a pause in development atm.

He was really far with his own "buffer exchange / remove group" functionality, namely the BuildMods, but alas I have not heard from him in a while again.
Which is a pity, because it looked very promising. I got things 90% working for some of my instructions.

Do you by chance have a stand-alone/local installation of 2.3.13r113? If so, would you mind zipping it and share it with me?
2.3.13r113 seems like a very stable verion. I did many instructions with it, but somehow I lost this version due to my own fault and overwrote it.

Hi Jaco

No, unfortunately Trevor has not contacted me yet.
Probably he is taking a creative break once again.
Yes 2.3.13r133 is very stable, but I still use 2.4.3 now.
It is rather unstable, but I can use the faster native renderer with this version.
Crashes over and over again, but I am faster when creating the instructions.
I send you a PM with the link where I have deposited the 2.3.13r133.

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