Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

RE: Rubber arrow helper and more arrows
Just to make it clear:

The rubber arrow definition is LDCAD specific but I want to add it's building parts into the library anyway so the LDCAD metadata file for rubber arrow may point to them (arrow_tip, arrow_body). Then, anybody, in any program, can construct arrows from using these (sub-)parts, just manually or using features of his program.

Static arrows, which we want to include in the ldraw  library, are easier from this POV. And as I'm not an experienced part author, I'm ready for your advice about technical details. The goal is to have 2D part with no visible edges, OK for all ldraw programs to render. If it's OK for programs to render parts with no edges, we can make arrows in this way. But is it? (LDCAD, LDView, blacksmith, LPub3D internal viewer, other programs...)

What I want to include in this category - see attached zip archive:

1. a set of (static) straight arrows - Willy's set
2. a flat circle arrows ("rotation"): 90, 180 and 270 degrees - Willy's set
3. motion describing arrow ("fat ones"): one-way straight, two-way straight, rotation - Jaco's set
4. arrow_tip and arrow_body mentioned above
5. tick and cross marks - I have found some, authored "GL" EDIT: Gerald Lasser

Motion arrows and mark signs need more work: they are in ldr format, we need to convert them to dat files (not sure what this means, if anything). And they have a part origin somewhere strange, this should be fixed.

Motion arrows are with edges - remove them, too? I'm not 100% sure with these. Maybe these ones look better with edges.

A small example (current versions of helpers, no rubber one):


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