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RE: 8527 - Mindstorms - NXT
(2021-06-09, 19:22)Cameron Wrote: I created the 8527 - Mindstorms NXT kit. I created the Tribot with no sensors and is just the three motors and NXT brick template vehicle. I used LEGO Digital Designer Whacker robot template and modified it in LEGO Digital Designer and then exported it into an LDraw file. Then I tweaked the LDraw file in LeoCAD and divided the model into submodels and added steps which are the exact same as the official building instructions. I hope this can be added to the official model repository in the future.

Let me know what you think!


Instructions Used

Looks good, but there were no cables generated.
Same problem here and here.
And as I wrote in an email to you, I need yout real name to add the models to the OMR.

Regards Johann
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