LDPE 0.8.53 Beta Released (bugfixes / many code improvements)

0.8.53 Beta Released (bugfixes / many code improvements)

this version uses a different configuration file.
Therefore, it will be necessary to reset all your custom LDPE settings.

What you can do as a workaround:
  • run two LDPE instances in parallel (0.8.53 + 0.8.52) and open both option menus to sync the settings manually.
  • take screenshots from your options menu entries in 0.8.52 before installing 0.8.53.
The release includes a critical undo/redo bug-fix and a lot of major/minor code improvements.
In total, today's release adresses about 100 different code issues.

[Image: imgDuke2.png]
As always, you can download LDPE from this page:

(3 new features and 6 bug fixes)

With this release you will be able to...
  • ...benefit from about 100 different optimizations to LDPEs code base (I added 180000 lines and deleted 185000 lines of code since the last release).
  • ...benefit from a new, more robust and secure method which loads and saves LDPEs configuration file.
  • ...get improved hints and tips for the startup dialog (seen on first program start).
The following critical issues were fixed:

  1. Undo / Redo broke the 3D model if the file ended with empty lines or contained duplicated empty line groups.
  2. The calculated colour for transparent textures was too dark. (OpenGL 2.0)
  3. On MacOS X it was not possible to reassign a shortkey, because the dialog window had not the required focus for detecting the keyboard input.
  4. Avoided obvious divisions by zero on "zoom to fit" with empty models and by scaling a zero-height font with Txt2Dat.
  5. The 3D editor freezed by an BFC INVERTNEXT without a following TYPE 1 reference line.
  6. "Make subpart from 3D selection" duplicated "0 BFC INVERTNEXT" meta commands.

The program was tested intensively with "real world" files.
However, it is still a beta version and something can go wrong in about 140.000 lines of code.

Make sure that you choose the right architecture for your OS and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) (64bit or 32bit).
A short guide how to check if a 64bit JVM is installed on your system is located at the bottom of this message.

  1. Download the zip-Archive
  2. Extract the archive content to the location of your choice
  3. On windows, double-click "run.bat" to start LDPE.
  4. On linux/mac, you have to excecute the shell script "run.sh" to start LDPE.
Please note that this software is in the beta stage. Although, this version was tested, there are already known issues  for this release. There is a potential risk of data loss.

You can search for updates if you do the following steps:

  1. On windows, double-click "update.bat" to search for updates.
  2. On linux/mac, you have to excecute the shell script "update.sh".
I listen carefully to your requests and possible complaints. Please leave me a message, with your thoughts and wishes to further improve the software.

LDPE is a 3D CAD application: The overall system requirements are higher. While I recommend to use a powerful 64-bit multicore system, it could be possible, to run LDPE on older machines as well.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
  • 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8
  • OpenGL 2.1 compatible Graphics Card
  • Operating System (64-bit): Windows [7 or newer], Linux [e.g. Ubuntu Linux >=14.4], Mac OS X [>=10.6]
  • CPU: Multicore-Processor e.g. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon II (>2.0Ghz)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video-Memory: 1 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 100 MB
Recommended Requirements:
  • Operating System (64bit): Windows 7,8,10, Linux [e.g. Ubuntu Linux >=14.4], Mac OS X [>=10.6]
  • OpenGL 3.3 compatible Graphics Card
  • CPU: Multicore-Processor with 4 cores (or more)
  • RAM: >4 GB
  • Video-Memory: >1 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 512 MB
  • For a faster start, LDPartEditor and the LDraw™ library should be installed on an SSD.
How to check your JVM version (32- or 64-bit):

You can try on the command line:

java -d64 version

If it's not a 64-bit version, you'll get a message that looks like:
This Java instance does not support a 64-bit JVM. Please install the desired version.
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