Best Practices

Best Practices

I am working on a set of steam train driving wheels that I 3D print and I want to have LDraw parts to share. I know I can go the route of STL->Dat but the files are HUGE (10k+lines) and I would like to optimize a little better. 

So far my thought is to have a slice of the outer ring that is 1LDU thick but has the profile of the wheel then take and spin that 360 degrees. I can then create a center section of spokes and other features from there. The "problem" is that the largest size of steam driver I am looking to produce is 386 segments (123LDU diameter). Is that "too much" I see that there are other primitives that I can use to create some of the faces but I am worried that the resolution is not high enough for something so large. 

I have attached and example of this. 

I am really looking to make sure I am at least headed in the right direction and that I am not doing something needlessly over-complicated. 

I would think that the creation of a file would go something like this
  • Create inner connection 
  • Create rim(s) at sizes needed
  • Create associated details
  • Create the "final" wheel(s) which will have reference to the various pieces needed
Additionally, I have also developed a spreadsheet to calculate the ring positions and it would be easily adaptable to help fill out the circular primitives if that is helpful.

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.dat   13-DR-FL-NG-Rim.dat (Size: 56.95 KB / Downloads: 6)
.dat   BT-DR-FL-NG-Profile.dat (Size: 1.04 KB / Downloads: 4)
.dat   12-DR-FL-NG-Rim.dat (Size: 53.3 KB / Downloads: 3)
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