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RE: LDView 4.4 Beta 4 test release
(2021-06-03, 21:41)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Why doesn't the curve quality slider have any effect on the mixed-mode primitives?

I'm not so sure of this mix of normal resolution inside and hi-res outside is a good idea anymore.
The normal resolutions stays normal and is not replaced when I turn on the prim substitution on a mixed mode primitive.

And I can't use a ring prim on the side. I have to use a tang prim to stay adapted to the fixed mixed mode prim.

The curve quality slider should affect mixed mode primitives. Up until the point where the quality is higher than 48 segments, the lower quality portion should increase in segments as the quality goes up. Once you get past 48 segments, both dimensions should go up together. (At that point, the mixed mode primitives should look identical to non-mixed ones.)

Note that due to a bug fix in LDView 4.4 Beta something, I think that half of the quality notches don't do anything. (The notches go up 8 segments at a time, but that caused problems, so I changed them to round up to the nearest 16 except for the bottom notch.)
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