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(2021-05-08, 9:26)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Ctrl+A does the trick, even without zooming...

Thanks! LPC runs so slowly for me that I wasn't sure I'd be able to scale visually. But I was able to figure out the right sequence to do it mathematically (3x at 125% plus 9x at 200% equals 10,000%). Then by a combination of scale and move snap values I was able to re-position to pattern to where it's only off by -0.0004 in Y.

I was then able to export it, but only by disabling the external post-processing executables. So, it's un-rectified and un-unificated. But at least I can work with it! (In my experience, external programs invoked by another program do not work within Wine. But the versions integrated within LDPE do work.)

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