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RE: Complete torso shortcuts?
(2021-05-12, 8:21)Willy Tschager Wrote: Manfred,

please ping the PT admin for the removal, otherwise they will stay on the PT forever. I neither think torso assembly are useful (beside one standard shortcut which can be inlined).

Beside this there is also the minifig generator in LEOCad and MLCad to do this job.



I will ask the PT Admin to remove these parts from the Parts Tracker.
I still want a clear rule.
The statement about the figure generator is not entirely correct. The complete lower parts of the figures can also be found in the library. These could also be generated with the figure generator.
When creating building instructions, the entire upper body should appear. This is only possible if it is defined as a single part. This definition should be stored in a library or the file itself. Where in my opinion saving to file would be a departure from the philosophy. 


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