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Complete torso shortcuts?
(2021-05-07, 8:20)Manfred Schaefer Wrote: I refer to my posting from which I see my approach as accepted.

If there is a rule about this, I will of course stick to it. But where is this rule?

I personally like to also have patterned torso shortcuts.
But the shear number of combinations possible with 5 parts is huge, and many have expressed a dislike of having to many shortcuts in the library.

I think we should find some sort of compromise about what type of torso shortcuts we should have.
I've made some uncoloured shortcuts containing all the different "hands". And I would like to make shortcuts of the correct printed torso and odd hand combinations. Like a printed torso with red boxing gloves.

Another issue to agree on is how should such an assembly be described. We need a standardized nomenclature.
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