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RE: Better use of keyword !KEYWORDS
(2021-05-05, 19:59)Manfred Schäfer Wrote: Hello,

I want propose a change to the file structure of the part files. This proposed change only applies to the files in the parts folder, the files in the sub-folders, such as s, are not affected by this.
These files usually contain a line with the keyword !KEYWORDS and are used to store search terms, a reference to Bricklink or other databases and the number of sets in which this part was used.
I would include three lines of the !KEYWORDS keyword. The first line contains one or more search terms, the second line is followed by the word sets, separated by a space, followed by one or more numbers of the sets in which this part was used. The third line contains after the keyword, also separated by a space, the word reference followed by the name of the reference, e.g. B. Bricklink, followed by the name of the part.
Multiple entries in one line are separated by a comma. The entries sets or reference do not need to be entered again.
The first two of these lines could be optional, the third line would be mandatory. The reference would be to Bricklink or a similar database, Bricklink would be prefered. This line can contain the words unknown or missing instead of the reference. This would look like this:

0 !KEYWORDS Reference unknown
0 !KEYWORDS Reference missing.

Unknown is used when creating a new part and there is no reference yet, for example. Missing would be used when updating the existing files to this supplement if no reference is stored.
For the 3626c8f minifigure head, this change would look like this:

0 !KEYWORDS Robo Emmet, Spaceship
0 !KEYWORDS sets 70816
0 !KEYWORDS Reference Bricklink 3626cpb1113

The 3626bp08 minifigure head after the change would look like this:
0 !KEYWORDS Star Wars, Princess Leia
0 !KEYWORDS Reference missing

The reference is also required if it is an unprinted part, since the names or the number of the part are different in the various sources.
For example the battery box
Lego element: 6257768
Design number: 16511
LDraw part: 58119
Bricklink number: 59510c01
The reference to a database would therefore also be a criterion for the release of a new part.




I want to briefly describe how I came up with this idea.
For example, if I have created a model according a set, former time Lego Digital Designer, currently still MLCad, I first use the parts without pattern. When creating the assembly instructions, I replace the corresponding parts with the parts with pattern. To do this, I search for the desired part in the program LDFind using the search function with the help of the Bricklink extension, e. g. *.pb0815.
I noticed that there are many parts whith pattern without this reference.
In my proposal, I only included the keywords and the numbers of the sets because they are already used in other parts. For me the reference to Bricklink for example are enough because there are parts that look very similar but are not the same. A reference would be very helpful here.
Providing the reference as a meta command would not help here, as the search function only searches the keywords !KEYWORDS, I think.
In my opinion, specifying just one set would be enough. But here there would probably be someone who claims the other set is much more important or much better suited.


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