Minor changes to the Official Library Spec

RE: Minor changes to the Official Library Spec
(2021-07-24, 18:16)Milan Vančura Wrote: Sorry for a greenhorn question: does this solve the issue when transparent part with sticker looks as with no sticker when viewed from the back?

I would answer yes, and no, to your question.

The idea is to make the pattern on a transparent sticker visible from the back side, but all the parts in your image are printed, not stickered.
Please note that LDCad use the word "with sticker" in partbins, containing both "printed parts" and "parts with stickers".

Have a look at parts 60581d50 and 60581dm2.

The sticker with a thermometer is made following the new suggestion. The print is visible, mirrored, from the back side.
The print on the Moria stickers are not made using a BFC NOCLIP and are not visible.
Should the Moria stickers be visible from behind? They are not intended to be placed on a transparent panel. The panel is grey in this set.

Printed pattern on a opaque part is not requred to use the NOCLIP.
Printed pattern on a transparent part should use the NOCLIP.

Should prints on a transparent sticker be forced to use the NOCLIP?

The 2 panels in your image with a porthole is not correctly made. These are prints on a transparent panel and should have been made using a BCF NOCLIP.

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