Rounding Errors in primitives?

RE: Rounding Errors in primitives?
(2021-03-25, 18:42)Tery Hamer Wrote: For Rings, Cones the vector points for higher values of radii are a multiple of the cos/sin values of the segment angles times the radius. However, it would appear that the rounding is carried out on the cos/sin for the base radius (1, as used for Circle, Disc, etc), and <then> multiplied. That would be a No-No.  For the base and lower radii, the error may be only 0.0001 in a few cases.  But for the higher radii, these rounding errors mount up and impact the third decimal position.
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Very good observation... and actually, this is intended. For historical reasons, rings and cones are not normalized. Rounding is done this way for ring and cones (ok, seems weird at first sight!!!) so their vertices match exactly those of scaled normalized primitives (edges, cylis, discs and so on...)
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