SEC(MOC) from clone brand

SEC(MOC) from clone brand
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Hi all,

Long had I had doubts to post this, but here goes...

I stumbled upon some, I almost dear not say, very nice models from a certain clone brand.
Now I am translating those digitally to LEGO versions.

Since this clone brand uses some parts LEGO does not have* or in colors that do not exist in LEGO, I am kind of redesigning the models and re-coloring them.

Would it be allowed to post these models here? Or is that a no-go and not done?

I plan to make the models as close to the original ones (thus using colors that do not exist in LEGO and some very dirty mockup non-LEGO parts) and then a pure and buildable LEGO version

Since certain clone brands do the same with LEGO and often ruthlessly make exact copies of LEGO sets or even steal ideas from people who post MOCs to communities and even LEGO Ideas, I thought of doing the same. Or could I get into trouble in doing so? Then I'll keep the models to myself.


*P.S. ...but would be nice if LEGO makes these parts... ;-)
For example a 1x1 panel (not the cornered one), plate 1x5, inverted plate, or 1x2 plate with studs on both sides... etc.
Jaco van der Molen
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