Bionicle / Hero Factory - 4 parts (1 left)

RE: Bionicle / Hero Factory - 4 parts
(2021-03-13, 20:29)Leonardo Gonzalez Wrote: These are some parts from Bionicle / Hero Factory, The first 3 are in the LDD and could be converted.

98597 Large Figure Foot, with 2 Toes
20480 Large Figure Weapon Sword, Skull Warrior
15367 Large Figure Foot, with Ball Socket 5 x 6 x 2

15358pat000 Large Figure Creature Cocoon Petal with Black Base Pattern

Interestingly enough, some of these parts are the kind that appear in Rebrickable as having an LDraw part, but are nowhere to be found. If they exist and are named something else, please let me know.

The first three are indeed in LDD so there are raw LDraw conversions available on DigitalBricks:
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