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RE: Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile
(2021-02-25, 7:26)Bertrand Lequy Wrote: To answer both of your answers (thanks again) here's a snapshot of everything you asked for

Thanks. I'll investigate further this evening, but I think that LDView is not properly handling the full lower case that you are using in the -commandlineslist argument. The code that recognizes that argument in the first place is not case sensitive, but some code that looks for it later (to remove it from the command line generated by each line in the list file) is. That should be easy for me to fix.

Having said that, it seems like the execution you showed succeeded in generating the POV files (as a result of you changing commandlineslist to Unix line endings). I would recommend removing the -v from the command line, after which LDView.com should only complain about the repeated CommandLinesList. And you can hopefully get rid of that error by using -CommandLinesList instead (capitalized to match LDView's Help.html) until I can get a fixed version released.
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