Complete Friends Horse 93083+93084, Saddle 93086 and Bridle 93087

RE: Friends Horse 93083+93084, Saddle 93086 and Bridle 93087
(2020-12-06, 16:35)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Yes the parts are available in Unity game. But the horse is provided as a single 93085 file. It can be separated into halves (see screenshot), but this separation looks weird in some places (eg. look at the accessory holes in tail and above head). Can you provide close-up photos showing mold separation line? Which side is 93083, left or right? 93083 is right side.

I guess that 25279 barding would be a nice have too?

Thank you Philo.
Part 25279 will be very welcomed!!
These parts enables us to make a number of horse-related sets in Friends and Disney Princess in LDraw system.

I've dug my daughter's brick box and found a black 93083c01pb11 (in set 41431).
Here are the close-up pictures around the part separation line.
* The whole mane is in the right half 93083, while the left ear remains in the left half 93084
* The center line on the mane is only a weld, not a separation
* The studs are all on the right half 93083
* The accessory hole on the tail is cut by the separation line

As this is one of her favorite part, please excuse me I cannot make destructive disassembling Smile

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