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RE: Some Gear Rotations are "disconnected"
(2020-10-18, 7:23)NikosSprocket Wrote: Hello

I am new with LDCad (but not with CADD) and I am baffled with the following issue.

For some gears, when I try to rotate them so the teeth mess correctly, the hub and the teeth are "disconnected"!

For example for 32269 if I rotate it clockwise the hub will follow my rotation but the teeth will rotate counter-clockwise!
Another example for 3648b I can only rotate the hub but not the teeth.

I have tried both using the GUI rotation {R} and the entry {Ctr-r} with the same result.

Am I missing something?


I have long since given up making sure my gears meshed properly when building digitally.
But if you want to be precise, my suggestion would be to compute exactly how much rotation you need for any given gear (half of one tooth), and then apply that directly. For example, if you have two 20-tooth gears on grid-aligned axles, you need to rotate one of them (and the axle, and everything attached to that axle, which is why I gave up!) by 360/20/2 = 9 degrees, and you *should* get something much prettier.

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