Duplo Candle with Yellow Flame

RE: Duplo Candle with Yellow Flame
(2020-12-08, 13:18)Takeshi Takahashi Wrote: This part is one of my daughter's favorite Duplo part.
I'd like to complete it in the LDraw library.
Could you upload the mock-up cylinder?

Sure, see attachments.
Please note that this a mock-up with capital M. No details, like the rectangular cut in the shaft of the candle.
The part does not have any snap info or whatsoever.
Neither does the flame have any details like the hole at the top.

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.dat   candflame.dat (Size: 250.92 KB / Downloads: 4)
.dat   tm01q0000.dat (Size: 206.78 KB / Downloads: 3)
Jaco van der Molen
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