LDView Crash on Library Update

RE: LDView Crash on Library Update
(2020-09-04, 20:39)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I think LDraw.org force-enabled https for the update CGI, and LDView does not support that. LDView is (obviously) not supposed to crash, but I also don't think LDView will ever support https on that. I'm pretty sure this happened in the past, and Orion fixed it.

When I try the same thing with LDView 4.4 Beta 1, it says, "Error downloading update list." I believe that the reason it doesn't crash in 4.4 Beta 1 is because the last time this happened, I implemented a fix, but that fix has not made it into an official release yet.

Hmm. The site is supposed to exclude LDView from https but there might be something wired going on there. I'll have a look.
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