Dat file line type 1 explanation

Dat file line type 1 explanation

I am trying to write some lines to scale a part in the PLI in Lpub3D. If I have it correct, I need to use the scaling functions in the line for this part. I read the article here https://www.ldraw.org/article/218.html but the only given parts are the x,y,z coordinates as the first 3 characters. 

Can someone explain what the rest of the numbers do? I know some are a scale, some are rotation, and I *think* that some are a repeat but I have no idea. 

1 <colour> x y z a b c d e f g h i <file>

I am looking at "a b c d e f g h i" in case my post makes no sense. 


PS if I am barking up the wrong tree, please help me understand. I have a custom part that renders MUCH to large in the PLI in Lpub3D and I would like it to show at a smaller size.
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