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(2020-08-18, 8:54)Chris Dee Wrote: In that example the search box on the main menu could be your site-wide search and you could move the PT search box (ptdetail/ptscan) to the secondary menu.

I honestly didn't think about that, or rather didn't consider the usability of search in the website as I haven't used it yet. It does makes some sense to have a dedicated sub domain search.

There are two other approaches I could think to suggest (and I know I am talking about more work Tongue ). First, is to have a checkbox on the secondary menu that reads "Limit Search to Parts Tracker". This way you could have a checkbox in the OMR too, that will only influence the search box when on their respective areas.

Second, to create an "advanced search page" where the checkbox option appears as radio buttons:
  • Website-Wide Search
  • Limit Search to PT
  • Limit Search to OMR
  • [insert any other area limit for future growth]
I do like the smaller version of the secondary menu, it seems to make it more identifiable as a list of "local" options. Although, I would space it a bit more from top and bottom.
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