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(2020-07-13, 6:03)Reed Hawthorne Wrote: Hey, first post here but I was in need of direction and thought this would be the best place to go. Please to meet you all!
For context, I'm a total newbie to working directly with LCAD, but recently as a gift for some friends of mine have started work on a series of custom figures and matching build. The figures are going to be completely custom, with unique decaling and when necessary custom hair pieces. I had just finished making the first such piece when I realized that as a part it needed multiple colors. The same way you see on some bricks that are both hat and hair for example.  I know this is possible in Ldraw but have no idea how I'd set it up. 
If it's of any importance I'm assembling the creation in, which is also the way I've been importing the mentioned decals. 
Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome! You have come to the right place. :-)

Multiple colors are no problem, as you can assign a color to any part of the geometry. There are also special codes for colors that can be selected by the user, so that you can change the color of a part in a model without having to edit the part itself. (But only one color per part can be selectable this way; if a part has multiple colors, they will be hard-coded into the file.)

How colors are handled by the LDraw file format is discussed here:

Those colors officially defined in LDraw (i.e., those that have been used on real parts in production) are listed here:

Any further questions, just ask!
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