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(2020-07-21, 21:55)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I find the wording of the FALLBACK update to be confusing. Specifically, "... required if ... not used". In my opinion, the following wording conveys the same meaning in a less confusing manner:

However, the above actually changes the requirements of the spec, which I don't feel is warranted here. Simply put, the FALLBACK section is never required based on the original spec, and I don't feel we should be changing that. However, I can definitely see how it should be required in official parts if there is no geometry2 section.

So, my suggestion for the TEXMAP spec would be something more like this:

Then, in the Official parts document, we can add a restriction that upgrades that "highly recommended" to "required".

Note that this means that NEXT can then only be used in official parts if the next line is a type 1 line and not a 0 !: line, while your suggested change would allow NEXT to be used in official parts even if that were not the case.

I agree. I'll make the change.
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