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(2020-07-02, 3:10)Orion Pobursky Wrote: There are no subpart textures on the PT right now (or in the official library) but I'd like to figure this out before it becomes an issue. I think the way the PT is handling subpart textures is wrong.

The UI on the PT submit page lists "\parts\s\textures" as the subpart texture file path

However the !TEXMAP spec states "a search for the specified texture file will first be attempted after adding a "textures\" prefix to the filename". By my reading this means subpart textures files should be in "parts\textures\s".

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the original intent was. Looking at my actual code in LDView, I put "textures/" before the "filename" referenced in the part. In this case, the "filename" would be something like "s\whatever.png", so LDView would indeed look in "parts\textures\s\whatever.png".

I'm open for debate on what the proper behavior should be. Also, whatever the decision, we should clarify the !TEXMAP spec.
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