Virtual Reality LDraw Building System

Virtual Reality LDraw Building System
Hello All,

I am planning on using the LDraw parts for a virtual reality building system, but I am unsure if this is a good idea because of the potential copywrite infringement on the LEGO Group. 

I want to decide early in the development process if I should use LDraw or model my own knockoff parts and possibly use the same part names for instruction manual/LDraw .ldr file export purposes. 

The library wouldn't be all-encompassing in either case, and I would make sure not to use any trademark material, but as far as I am aware the LEGO Group has failed in multiple lawsuits to secure intellectual ownership of most of their part designs (excluding some parts such as minifigs, Bionicle, etc.) after their patents expired. 

I know that LDraw is available for commercial use, but am I looking at a lawsuit if I use the parts in this way?

I have already developed a prototype if anyone is interested, currently developing for the Oculus Quest VR Headset using the Unity Engine.


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