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RE: Rebrickable LDCad PBG export
(2020-05-01, 16:38)Orion Pobursky Wrote: - If a part isn't found, the messages will provide you a link to the part on Rebrickable.
Some time ago, Philippe helped me searching minifig parts and mentioned the description. This way I found many correct LDraw numbers as replacement for Rebrickable's PBG-parts and this is what is done in LDInspector when on the web pane "S" is pressed for a part (ranking the results is not always accurate, but sometimes I treat the results being not too bad). Maybe description-lookup could be useful to have a replacement guess?

I would love to have a web based Rebrickable and Bricklink part list that is comparable before the export (which I tried in LDInspector but what I am not yet happy with). I would like to offer help in coding, testing, whatever - so please let me know if I may support. Smile
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