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Update on my progress:

This project turned out to be way easier that I envisioned in my head. The bulk of the work is already done by the Rebrickable data. I've have successfully pulled data from Rebrickable (via their API) and converted it to a PBG file. This replicates the functionality already at Rebrickable.

I want to do 3 things initally:
a. Include (by option) the appropriate templates for flex objects instead of the (unflexed) library versions.
b. Include (by option) the unpatterned version of a patterned part if the pattern isn't in the library.
c. Include the individual parts of patterned assemblies (i.e. torsos/arms/hards and hips/legs).
d. Expanding on c. Maybe break apart assemblies into component parts?
e. Fix MovedTo and Alias to point to the right parts.

b) Was easy and is implemented
a and c) Will required a cross reference file which will have to built manually (although some of it could be automated with a careful reading of the library)
d) We'd have to pick and choose since this isn't appropriate for some (if not most) assemblies. Again, something that can go into the cross reference file.
e) Should be easy but isn't preferred. I think the right answer is fix the issue but also throw a warning to submit a change request to the Rebrickable.

The bulk of the work now is to finalize the structure of and add the data to the cross reference file. I should have a beta test version out by the end of the week.

Note: I'm not going to correct individual patterned parts that are referenced incorrectly in Rebrickable. The correct answer is to submit a change request. Same for incorrect part numbers or part number mismatch.

Note to the note: Patterned parts that reference a Bricklink number can be automatically correlated to a Rebrickable number if Rebrickable has a Bricklink listing in it's data. In this case we can probably do the same as e) and correct the reference and also throw a warning to submit a change request.
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