Minifig Head patten preferred practice

RE: Minifig Head patten preferred practice
(2020-04-21, 16:49)Orion Pobursky Wrote: What's the current preferred practice for minifg head patterns?
1. Head on shot, make the pattern, and then project it using Philo's tool
2. Try to "unfold" the pattern, make it, and then "refold" it to the head subfile

It really depends how wide it is:

4 faces - no problem. Use LDPC with the head as template (I use a custom head with only the 8 extern faces - stud included) and project.
6 faces - critical. Still doable in LDPC but you have to somehow correct the distortion or you'll end with something like this: (check the right headphone)
8 faces - in addition to the front projection shot 2 photos at 45 degrees for the 4 faces on the right/left and combine the projections in LDPE

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